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For the love of the Air

More often than not you will find the Engineers up in the air. Every chance they get they try to fly. R44 I and II Helicopters, C190, C170A, C172M and C208 are just some of the aircraft you'll see flying high above the Toowoomba Aerodrome.


The cute little red plane is actually one of many model aircraft that one of our Engineers spends his spare time constructing from scratch.

All of the aircraft above are maintained and serviced right here at Aviation Specialists Toowoomba. They are frequently the cause of hours of fun filled conversation and people often drop by to see them.

The Cessna 172M was purchased as a wreck out in the bush and was overhauled and given a new lease on life during 2018/2019.


The pride and joy of the owner would have to be his 1947 Cessna 190 which was shipped to Australia from the USA in 2019. VH-ONA was re-assembled, re-painted and brought up to CASA standards and is now flown at every chance given.

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