The AST Team

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Alan McVinish - Chief Engineer

Our Chief Engineer and Company Director Alan McVinish has been in the aviation industry since 1975. Al has extensive CASA aircraft maintenance licences including fixed wing, rotary wing, piston and turbine engine aircraft; Recreational Aircraft Australia L2 maintenance licences; and FAA licence coverage for rectification of USA registered aircraft.


Al is also a fixed wing and rotary wing commercial pilot, which can come in handy when repairs are required for our remote customers.

Al is the backbone of the company overseeing all the comings and goings in the hanger. He is the driving force for overhauls, periodic and annual inspections of the many return aircraft to the business. 


On the weekends, Al and his partner Carol can often be found flying their Cessna 190 to check out their farm on the Darling Downs. 


Cameron Jull

Cameron has been a valued part of the Aviation Specialists Toowoomba team since 2009, when he and his family decided to make the move from Melbourne to the Darling Downs.


Cameron has extensive fixed wing and rotary wing, piston engine aircraft licences. Cameron also holds Recreational Aircraft Australia L2 maintenance licences and experience with Polaris, Technam and Jabiru aircraft.

Cameron is one of the senior engineers here at Aviation Specialists and is often found working on R44 overhauls. 

In his spare time Cameron can be found making various scaled model aircraft or playing the drums with his band.


Trent Pascoe

Trent started his career in aviation when he became an apprentice with Aviation Specialists Toowoomba in 2015.


Trent became a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in April of 2020.


Trent is passionate about providing high quality workmanship to the aircraft that he maintains. He is a skilled engineer and puts a lot of time and love into all of the periodic's, annuals and overhauls he is tasked with. This is demonstrated through Trent's commitment to his job, family and countless vehicles of all types he lovingly maintains.

Trent has his pilots licence and is a proud owner of a V-Tail Beechcraft Bonanza and loves to take his family and friends on joy flights after work.


Jung Hong

Jung started with Aviation Specialists in late 2019. He is currently studying a certificate IV in Aviation Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical).

Jung has proven himself to be a studious and confident worker, he is ensuring that he learns all he can about completing periodic's, overhauls, annuals and the different rectifications that come with maintaining aircraft. 

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Kristine Sorley

Our Office and Quality Manager Kristine has been immersed in the aviation industry her whole life, she is the daughter of two pilots and has been chauffered in light aircraft since she was a newborn. Kristine holds a Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and has recently renewed her First Aid and CPR skills with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

In her role as Office and Quality Manager, Kristine ensures that all work carried out by Aviation Specialists Toowoomba is of the highest standard and that safety is never jeopardized. Kristine is also in charge of our spare parts and ensures that required parts are always on hand or can be sourced quickly for our customers. 

Kristine has recently returned from Maternity leave and her beautiful daughter Ellie is often seen with her pop in the hangar, being shown the aircraft. 


Santosh Chhetri

Santosh started at Aviation Specialists in 2018. After a short period in Western Australia whilst completing his Avionics training, he has come home to Toowoomba.

Santosh is a fully Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a B2 Avionics Licence. Santosh has started using his skills to provide Aviation Specialists Toowoomba with first class Avionics repairs, maintenance and installations of full Avionics upgrades. 

Santosh is currently learning to fly in Carol's Cessna 172M. 


Elizabeth Gripske

Elizabeth joined the Aviation Specialists Toowoomba team in 2019. As a full time mum to three kids she knows how to organize, tidy and pick up the slack. Which she also handily applies to life in the Aviation Specialists office. 

Elizabeth has no former knowledge of the Aviation industry but is willing to learn and is taking all the new knowledge on board.